June 23rd, 2004


One of the lates fics, written in response to Wench's 400 Challenge on GRB... (come to think of it, DaWench is personally responsible for lots of my fics....)

Pairing: That's the thing. I start a Giles story. Somewhere at the beginning B/G subtext appears. And then, at the middle subtext becomes text... I think I need help.

Rating: PG? Something? I don't get those ratings...

Oh, and... in my universe Giles was able to get the job in s4. I mean, come on!

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More icons...

My friend came to me today and asked to show him how does photoshop work... so during tutoring I made two icons... and then when he went away, made some more...

Hope you'll like them


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Lucky ones - prologue

Okay, this is prologue to a new fic I'm writitng... so far not posted anywhere else.

I'm going to work on this during 100 words project, and new parts will be appearing here first.


Pairing: B/G, though other pairings as well

Rating: G for this part... not sure about future, but I like smut like every other girl...

Disclaimer: Don't own them. You can sure tell cuz of the lack of B/G smoochies on the show.


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