August 17th, 2004

(no subject)

Something's happening with me.

I don't like sports. Oh, okay, I can play basketball and I like it, but mostly I'm just a couch potato, glued to the tv screen. And it's good with me.

I don't like watching sports. It's boring. My friends (hello, Cala! :]) say that I'm weird when I don't know with whom Polish football (soccer, for you, Americans) team plays this week. So what. One ball, bunch of guys, what's the point?

The only sport I ever thought is worth watching is figure scating. It's kinda cool, even if it's the most girlie sport ever.

So why the hell I'm glued to the tv during Olympics?
And when Poles are close to the winning I cheer like a... well, a very insane person?

Oh, whatever!

Otylia! First in semifinals!
:::does a little dance of joy, seated version:::