August 20th, 2004

I'm insane, ask me how

Well, apparently, the answer is: very.


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Well, okay. Going back to smutathon entry... I need to finish it today... and right now it's still het! Yay me!

Oh, and almost forgot! Two silvers, one gold! Yay for Otylia!


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Noelia's challenge

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every fic addicted person must be in a want of new fics.

However little known the possibilities of answering, this truth is so well fixed in the mind af a subject, that she considers its her rightful duty to set a fic challenge once in a while.

See where am I going with this?


I announce Noelia's Jane Austen's Challenge of Everything Gilesy.

Requirements are easy. Think Giles. Think Jane Austen. Mix it.

Does he just reads her novel? Does Buffy realises how Emma b/g is? Or maybe you want to write Giles/Wesley that is based on Marianne/Brandon? (that I would like to see) Slash, het, threesomes, foursomes, orgies are allowed and encouraged. As long as it has Giles in it, I'm a one happy Noelia. A AU with Buffy as a Slayer in Austen's times? William Wickham and Fitzwilliam Giles? Willow playing matchmaker in Emma style? Slash in Northanger Abbey?

Anyone tries it?

Oh, bonus points for starting it with cliche "It is a truth..." I love that beginning...

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