August 26th, 2004

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Uhm, note to everyone, especially to Michelle (mrsdrake ). Ficathon entry is betaed right now, and will be posted no later than tomorrow morning.

Sorry it took so long, but after it was done and almost beated I, stupid thing that I am, figured I didn't like it, and pretty much rewrote the whole thing. It's longer, better and steamier now, but it's also late... sorry <pout>.


On the better note: have three gmail invitations to give (waves to Phen, who made this possible :] Gmail so rocks!) Anyone interested?


On other things. We were rpging with cala_jane through gg (that's a polish equivalent of aim, guys), and I can't get over how fun it is...

If you're interested, here is the session... so, okay, it's short, it's lame, and it's full of misspellings and gramma errors. So what? We had fun


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Uhm, pimpage time. I'm recently getting more and more addicted to icons. I know I have a limit up to three on unpayed journal, but I can't help saving icons on my harddisk and just looking at them.. they are majorly cool :D

My particular favorite icon makers are literati (she made the fabolous dom!Wes icon I'm using right now, and she does all sort of gilesy and wes' goodness. Check her out, give her feedback) and nastey (Julianna, she does all sort of icons, especially X-men and btvs. Check out her Hugh Jackman ones, he looks even better than usually, and that's... wow :D)

Oh, and check out my new icon! On the left! Lookie, lookie! Yes, I *am* crazy...


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