November 8th, 2004

Once more, with banners

Daily announcement :] There's a new vid on my site. Well, actually it's an old vid, but no one but Cala actually so it, so.

It's a vid to our rpg (and I mean a classic rpg, not lj one), Giles/OC... so what, I can do it if I want to. And yes, she is *so* a Mary Sue, but as long as I have fun.... :D Just ignore your knowledge of where the clips come from and try to enjoy it :].

It will be off the site at the end of the week, so if you actually want to see it, it's the only chance.

And now, to the reason for the post:


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Pavlov's fault.

It's all because of that psychology essay... Now I have all those things in my head.


Read it. All I'm saying is it's Giles' pov, and that I'm still sticking to the 100 rule so yay me.


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Psychology drabbles, part two.

It was created by random professor's comment on one of my psychology lectures...

Still 100 words, yay me :D

Anyway... in my mind it was Angel/Wes, but if you want to treat it the other way (S/X, for example, Cala :D, or any other human/vampire pairing... you actually can)


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