November 9th, 2004

Drabbles, Watcher style (among other things...)

So, I had a descriptive grammar test today that I screwed up *totally*.

Whatever :D

Really, I don't care... I knew everything, but generally wrote crap, no idea why... the minute I returned the sheet I knew exactly what I did wrong... I totally forgot to separate the article, and messed up modifivation with complimentation, and in one *clearly* modification phrase mistook head and the modifier... And though the rest of the class is apparently totally crestfallen... I'm unusually cheerfull...

Well. Tomorrow Phonetics and Listening tests... I should go and study, but... well, I'll go and study. One screwed up test for a week that has only three working days (note to Americans and other aliens :D - 11th is the Polish Independence Day, so we have 12th, which is Friday free on University too. Teeheee - long weekend on the horizon! Will write fics! Will read fics! Oh, and write the essays.... blah)

Anyway. On psychology today I was way bored. Tried to draw, but I'm crap, so started to write drabbles again... Anyone who sits around me on lectures think I'm insane now, since I was counting words to get exactly 100... and of course was wiritng slash :D...

Kay, three Giles/Wesley drabbles... I guess the *Smile* is a pure fluff.... huh, weird, for me :D


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