November 30th, 2004

Drunken Giles.... Oh dear...

lostgirlslair 's fault. Her "Drunken Giles" song is not only terribly catchy... it also created a particulary vicious song bunny... I can deal with plot bunnies, I just whack them onna head and they go away... but this one... oh, boy.

It made me rhyme, and I can't rhyme for peanuts, it made me write a song and I have a musical talent of a something very not musically talented...

You still want to read this?


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Paid account rant part 2

Why the hell there is no *account* where I can send money directly from my bank?

I can't get the credit-card thing to work. I tried my card, my mother's mastercard and my grandpa's visa. Nada, nothing, zero, zip!

I get the error all the time. I called my bank, they said there's everything alright with my card, and with my mom's card, and with my gradnpa's card too.... SO?

Why the hell lj doesn't like Polish credit cards? And why does the stupid paypal don't approve of Poland?

God, I'm at my wit's end... Anyone has *any* idea what can I do?

Apart from using that 25 bucks differently and bying a gun?


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Coffee thing...

Yes, I am addicted to Nescafe Gold Blend. So what?

Yes, everybody knows *why* I'm addicted to *this* particular brand. So what?

Yes, I did a video clip to the ads... So what?

I have trouble with connecting to my ftp, so temporary link is through yousendit. If it doesn't work for some reason, let me know?

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