December 14th, 2004

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Man, you guys are chatty... It's probably the rime difference thingy, but every day when I come back from school and check the flist there's at least five pages of it... How am I supposed to not even answer to everything but just read it?


The house stinks of cleaning products... that's the surest sign of my grandfather being here. Really, whenever he is supposed to come by my mom gets into cleaning frenzy... god, it's not like he likes when everything is clean here - he doesn't have things to criticize then. The bathroom stinks of detergent, the kitchen sink is so clean you could eat out of it if you were a weirdo that would eat out of the kitchen sink and she arranged all my tea prettily on the kitchen shelves... I feel as if it wasn't my house...

Fortunately she stayed away from my room, doing what he usually does when grandpa comes here - meaning, she closed the door and kept him far away from my room... thank goodness. It's not that I have a complete mess.... it's just that my books lie all around, and my papers on the desk are kinda... well, it's my organisation system. It's called 'put_it_somewhere' and it works.


Finished writing Christmas cards, thank good. I like doing it, but after some time it gets a tad repetitive...

Bets are on, will my Dad send a card, call or something this Christmas? Last time I saw him in... well, August after my rant of him not wanting to see me.... Well, that worked out, didn't it?


On happier things: Noelia got herself an AIM. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm finally connected to the world, so yay me. If anyone is interested, my id is 'insanityofnoelia'... tried many id's and was getting pissed of with every one being already taken. Stupid people *g*.


The final topic of this eclectic post.... drabbles!

for jedi_penguin : B/G christmasy thingy... I hope you don't mind me using that name (you'll see), but seeing as your post was my inspiration... and I really like the name *g* Collapse )


Illyria/Wes Christmas drabble... The plot bunny didn't want to go away....

</font>Collapse )


Snow still no-show... I'm beginning to get worried :(. No snow on Christmas? That would suck....


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Am bored. And I mean really... for the first time in what feels like ever I don't have a phonetics test on Wednesday to prepare for... and I'm bored... I feel like writing something...

So, what say you? I'll write three requests (more if they're interesting *g*).

So, anyone interested?

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Okay guys, wasn't easy *g*. Neither of pairings was the one I usually write... but I hope I managed...

For supermom20  who requested Wes/Gunn and white chocolate... I can't write Gunn, I really can not... so I've found a way to write it without doing so *g*.  I hope you like it, Jen Collapse )


For cala_jane , who requested Sawyer/Sayid... A nicely elegant drabble, I'd say... 100 words, 50 words each pov, 600 signs overall... and I wasn't even trying to do it that way *g*. Collapse )


For </font>bethynyc who wanted Spike/Giles and Manchester United.... would help if I knew something about football *g*. But I know a lot of football fans were those scarf-thingies, so... *eg* Collapse )


Hope you liked them (don't tell me if you didn't *l*)

Okay, still bored.... taking more requests *g*


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Okay, probably the last post for today, since I need to get some sleep, too.... *pouts*

I realised I hadn't written anything on one of my favourite pairings... (and one of the very few without Giles that I actually like....)

So, here it is, Fred/Wesley. *bounces* I can still write het! Yay me! *L*


Collapse )


Thank you for reading *g*


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