December 26th, 2004

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Home! Home! Home!
:::does a little happy dance:::
Cable! HBO!
:::does a really happy dance:::
:::does a mad happy dance:::

I love Christmas, I really do, but to be stuck for three days on a technological wasteland? So not fun.

On plus side, Grandpa was nice. Well, as for him, which is still grumpy and all, but there was no comments about homosexuals this time. Huge relief... But I think it was because Granny instructed him to shut up about this, as my Mom instructed me to not argue with Grandpa whatever he says... they kept us separated by the table and with mouth full of cake, so it worked out pretty well.

Prezzies were nice, too... Apart from the usual ammount of chocolate, sweets, candies and socks, I got a pretty, shiny, big, wonderful new computer screen! At long last everything is bright and have nice colours!

Got dvds, too. Love Actually, just as I predicted, and Star Gate the movie. Actually, I got SG from Mr. Andrew which makes me wonder... Is he going to get together with Mom or not? Wouldn't mind that much as long as I don't have to live with them *L*

Mom got coffee maker, and fondue machine, and a toaster, and those are so much more prezzies for me, ya know? It's me who eats toasts in this household, it's me who is addicted to coffee and it's me who loves fondue, so...

Also, Granparents as always didn't know what to buy me, so I got chocolates and money, which is good. It saves me from the catastrophe from three years back, when I've got the same book from mom and Gramps, and it was the same book I bought myself a week earlier...

Well, anyway, will stop rambling... Gonna go and read everything you guys wrote during the time I was gone, and I can already see it's a lot... Chatty bunch, all of you.

*hugs all*
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