January 1st, 2005


I'm a bad Noelia... I was supposed to beta glimmergirl 's fic, but until I finished it was too late and she posted it already... (and it *is* a brilliant fic, Glimm!)

So... I don't bake a guilt cookies, but I wrote you a drabble in apology... rummaged through your info and found out you like Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.... So I've figured you may like this:


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Rps! Yay! I'm finally getting started *bounces*

trapped_outside Illyria/Wes with theferretgirl which I already totally love.

_sinking_away Spike/Tara with cala_jane which is just getting started

So... does anyone else want to play with me? Pretty please? I am nice, clean and I've finally learned to use spellchecker *pets spellchecker*
I can be Dawn, Fred, Illyria, Tara or Willow. And I could probably be Giles or Wes if you don't mind them not being really British *L*
Oh, and I can be a wonderful Andrew. Have enough Star Wars knowledge, that for sure *g*


*makes puppy eyes*

Yeah, I'm a hopeless addict already... and I'm just getting started...
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