January 12th, 2005

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Gakked from lostgirlslair cuz it's fun. Mary Sue meme

Mary Sue name: Darcy Devereaux
Eye colour: Starry Winter Sky
Hair colour: Brown Sugar
Signature scent: Sun-kissed Tea Rose
Paranormal power: Force Adept
Specialized Skill: Expert Pilot
Distinguishing Mark: Sexy Foreing Accent
Newly Revealed Relationship to a Major Character: Qui-Gon's Watcher

Okay, I cheated at the last one, cuz the character I got as Catholic School Classmate was someone I didn't know, so.... But the rest? Came up this way! Expert pilot! Accent! COME ON! So cool! *L*
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Gakked from phendog because it seems like fun. Ten of these are true, five of this are lies. Can you tell which ones?

1. I have 16 pairs of black shoes
2. I painted my trash can blue and white and called it Artoo
3. When I was little I used to eat dog cookies
4. Halfway through the school play I forgot my role (for those who knows their Polish lit. - Balladyna) and simply took the script and read the rest of the dialogue
5. I was called Star Wars geek by a person who has a galaxy's map painted on his ceiling
6. I never smoked a cigarette
7. I learned how to read when I was three
8. I've watched Phantom Menace 14 times in the cinema
9. I used to hide one of Graham Masterson's sex guides inside Pollyanna's cover
10. I had a crush on Gilbert Blythe
11. My parents wanted to call me Pamela or Olga
12. When re-enacting one of the anime series about a voyeball I hit the lamp and the light when out in the whole block of apartments
13. I broke a guy's nose because he was cheating on my friend
14. I was married four times
15. I never saw Shindler's List

So, wanna try? *g* (and coming up with true ones was harder than thinking of the lies *L*)