January 13th, 2005

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So, which ones were true?

1. I have 16 pairs of black shoes  True.

2. I painted my trash can blue and white and called it Artoo   Well, that's False. But I wanted to, and even bought the paint, but never actually managed to do it...

3. When I was little I used to eat dog cookies  true. I thought they are good, so sue me *L*

4. Halfway through the school play I forgot my role (for those who knows their Polish lit. - Balladyna) and simply took the script and read the rest of the dialogue True. I did not hear the end of it until I finished primary school... :::sigh:::

5. I was called Star Wars geek by a person who has a galaxy's map painted on his ceiling True.

6. I never smoked a cigarette True. I'm nicotine alergic, so I can't.

7. I learned how to read when I was three Also true. First book I've ever read (I mean first that I finished, there were attempts at others before...) was Hobbit... which probably explains a lot about me...

8. I've watched Phantom Menace 14 times in the cinema True. I've also didn't pay for any of these... *g*. I was dating quite a lot then *L*

9. I used to hide one of Graham Masterson's sex guides inside Pollyanna's cover  False. It was inside Mary Poppins...

10. I had a crush on Gilbert Blythe  Oh, yes. My first fictional character crush...

11. My parents wanted to call me Pamela or Olga  True. Helped me a lot during my hate-my-name period... it could be a hell lot worse than Joanna

12. When re-enacting one of the anime series about a voyeball I hit the lamp and the light when out in the whole block of apartments False. Not in the whole block, anyway... Just on my floor... and it was during a football (soccer for you Americans *g*) game and my neighbour still hates me for that *L*)

13. I broke a guy's nose because he was cheating on my friend   False. Though I wish I did. I slapped him.

14. I was married four times  That's true and I have no idea why everyone thought differently *L*. Would I put here something so clearly false if it was false? It was on Scout Camps... there is that tradition of Camp weddings (I have no idea if it's only in Polish Scouting, or not, but whatever). I was married four times (two of them to the same guy) and was the priest twice *g*.

15. I never saw Shindler's List  False. But I only saw it this summer for the first time...


Fooled you! Nah, nah, nah *L*

(congrats to Phen who got two, and to Sophy who got one *g*)