January 16th, 2005

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So... lj withdrawal is over! Tee and hee!

It wasn't *that* bad... I was only reloading my flist every half an hour to check if it's working.

But I did some work done, studied psychology, cleaned my room, and read a book (gasp!). Yes, an actual book, not a fanfic! :::sigh::: You know, I used to read a book a day. Phah.

But. The book I read was Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett. You know it, maybe? Anyway. It was in Polish translation and now I remember why I woed to never, *ever* read translated books. Ya know Nac Mac Feegle? They are not longer called Nac Mac Feegle. They are called Fik Mik Figiel, which translates into something like Eenie Meenie Prank. And that's not the worst change, too (but I can't exactly explain the rest, cuz I don't know the right words in English *L*). And the meaniest thing about it is that usually Pratchett is fantastically translated. The only translation that doesn't piss me off. But this time it wasn't done by our regular and wonderfrul Piotrus, no. It was done by someone else... without warning! Bastards.

I'm better now...

Oh, have gj account now. I'm not abandoning the lj, and not really going to be writing anything there... but there are rps there too. So, twice as many rps, twice as much fun. Plus, the allow lotta userpics *L* and I had fun for an hour uploading them... Yes, I'm a dork, ask me how.
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Flist spammage!

Look! New layout!


And I figured out why did lj go down yesterday... cala_jane's fault, of course. She was able to get online, first time in ages, and what happens? Hah.

(Cala, hon? Love you anyway *smooches* *L*)
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