January 20th, 2005

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Why do we worship Ferret? Let us count the reasons....

So! We announce 20th of January the International theFerretGirl's worhip day. Because we love her, because she plays the true Wesley (not the Wesley-wannabe you can see on this lame show... Alexis who?). And because we spend hours waiting for Wesley to respond to our tags.... (no, we're not trying to make you guilty, Ferret.... just go! write!). Because if not Ferret we wouldn't be in a deep madness of rpging and we wouldn't be so addicted. And, main Noelia's reason, because Ferret always speaks wisdom and saves poor newbies from getting into deep cacky.

So.... Pick up your banner, pick up your icon and tell everyone how much you like Ferret!


Yours sincerely,

Noelia and Cala *g*

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