January 23rd, 2005

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So, it was a fun day. Not.

The thing is, my Mom is going to France on Wednesday. And she will be gone for over a week. And I'm staying here. Fun, isn't it?

Not so much.

I'd like to say I'm 20 years old. Well, almost. I could get married, or just move out if I wanted to. I can drink alcohol, drive, have sex and vote. If I lived in small city, I would move out and go to a bigger one to go to the University. But I can't stay for a week alone in my house, apparently. No, my *grandma* will be living here.

What is it with those people?

That's not the real bad thing. The real bad thing is that me and my mom are... well, messy. We don't like to clean up. My grandma, on the other hand, is a neat freak. So, for the whole day we were cleaning the house. Everything. I'm sitting in my room and I feel like it's not my room. It's squeaky clean. And I have no idea where did I put my psychology notes, cuz usually they are on the desk, but I cleaned the desk so they're not there.

Bugger it.

Anyways, up to more pleasant things

Did two Fresley manips. No, I'm not obsessed... well, okay, I am. Sod off *g* I just think they look pretty together *L*



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