January 25th, 2005

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Just... numb. I stare at the empty screen and don't know what to write. Same with the paper. No use in trying photoshop, either. movie maker hates me anyway. Even watching tv is kinda mindless....which is probably nothing new, but even more so.
I read a book and I don't recognise the words. I watch a movie I know and completely don't get it.
Maybe it's the period, or maybe the cold, or infection, since I've got all three.
Or maybe it's just something in the air.

Still psychology and phonetics to go, then I'm free. Everything else passed, including practical grammar that got me slightly worried. That's good.

Drabbles and manips I promised will be done when I snap out of it. Or just bound my muse to the chair. Possibly gag her, too.

I still love my flist, ya know? It's just that even commenting requires thinking and I'm not good at it now.

The only thing that is working in my brain now is Illyria and that is a scary thought... still, trapped_outside keeps me amused, so that's good.

We're out of strawberry tea. Bad news.

Go and watch Phantom of the Opera. Gerard Butler rulz. Unfortunately no slash possibilities but I have a cross-over idea that will repair it *g*. Will write it if/when my brain works again.

Post service sucks.

That is all.

Bits of insanity were sponsored by letters B and D. Brain Death.
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