January 29th, 2005

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Just wanted to say... psychology sucks.

I mean, not really, it's quite fun... until you need to learn all about halo effect and generalisation and memory, and all that crap.

On the happier note - Queer as Folk! Rulz! So! Much!
only I have no time to watch it since I'm studying... me. studying. look out, apocalypse is coming.

*Sigh* Going back to books...

(no subject)

So... after day of studying I finally decided to take a break and do something totally mindless... so, yes, I made icons *g*

Well, not exactly icons, that needs thinking. Bases. 15 Giles' bases and 15 QaF. Feel free to edit, or whatever. Credit not necessary though appreciated. Just tell me if you like them *g*

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