March 21st, 2005

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Sick again... have a huge something on my throat and it hurts to speak. Or swallow anything...
But at least I have some free time from the Uni.
I love my studies, I really do, but being stuck at the Uni from 8 am to 8 pm puts a stop on your social life. Fuck, it puts a stop on your online life, and that's sick...

Plus... I've had a format. Disc C said bye bye and moved into oblivion... I miss my photoshop brushes. I miss my stored fics. I miss my essay for Wednesday that I need to rewrite now and that I've already spent three days working on at the first time...

In case anyone is interested in me ranting....

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Okay, now a question to my rp partners... I am totally behind all my games *hungs her head in shame*. I've already talked to Cala and Nora, but the rest of you... shall we continue or did you give up on me?
Especially FerretGirl... Cuz I love Trapped Outside *g*

And to finish....:

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