April 2nd, 2005

otp meme

Gakked from phendog, mostly because I'm a sheep. Also, because I need to get my mind off the news. I hate April the 1st. And the 2nd isn't going better.

01. Post a list of your favourite fandoms on your blog.
02. Have your friends list guess which is your favourite 'ships from each fandom. (one het, one m/m, and one f/f unless otherwise specified)
03. When someone guesses correctly bold the line and write a sentence why you love the ship and it's your favourite.
04. Post this in your own blog/livejournal.

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Jan Paweł II is dead.

There are candles in the windows on my street.

My mom was watching the news the whole day, and now she's asleep and I have no idea if I should wake her up to tell her.

And I can't stop crying.

The world is suddenly darker.
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