April 7th, 2005

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gakked from louisemcgregor, because I want to give phendog another meme to ace (she aces all my memes *L*)

1. Post a list of 10 TV fandoms/shows
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character and the character you hate from each show
3. Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include the characters

1. BtVS
Love: Giles, guessed by cala_jane
Hate: Riley, guessed by jedi_penguin
2. AtS
Love: Fred, guessed by jedi_penguin
4. QaF - both guessed by cala_jane
Love: Brian
Hate: David
5. SG-1
Love: Daniel, guessed by cala_jane
Hate: Jonas, guessed by jedi_penguin
6. Firefly
7. Star Wars - both guessed by cala_jane
Love: Wedge Antilles
Hate: Luke Skywalker
8. LotR
Love: Aragorn, guessed by cala_jane
9. HP
Love: Snape, guessed by cala_jane
10. Dark Angel
Love: Logan, guessed by cala_jane

Come on, it's fairly easy to guess *g*
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Ignorance post

1. "Bitch, please". Where the hell is that from? I saw it on icons from every possible fandom. What the frell?
2. 'Emo'. I'm with the huh again. Is it short from Emotional or is it sth totally different?
3. What is Veronica Mars about? Is it any good? Why do people seem to be obsessed with that?
4. Will George Lucas fuck up again, or is e3 going to be as good as the trailers promise? I dread to hope.
5. Why do the kid I tutor seems to like me? I torture her with grammar, is she weird, or what?
6. Why did I start to like RPS? That was the last bastion of 'what I won't do in a fanfic'. I seem to be doing it.
7. Can all the tourists and pilgrims go to Warsaw? Please?
7a. There is no 8. 8 is an evil number. Ask Rincewind.
9. Should I stop spamming teh flist and go do something constructive?
10. If I'm gonna change my layout... what colours should I choose now? And should it be Amy Acker, Natalie Portman or Jessica Alba?

I've uploaded it for a friend, so if someone missed it some time ago...: http://s33.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3LMKK2ODAZEEC2Y8I679WMS9PA (Nescafe Gold Blend music video... I'm a dork, ask me how)
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