April 12th, 2005

daily dose of craziness

Layout change!

Most narcissistic thing that doesn't involve humping a mirror is making the layout with your pictures.

It was that or Amy Acker again... *g*
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meme baaaaah

gakked from cala_jane because it's one heck of a fun.

If noelia_g was her own fandom...

a. Who would the het 'shippers pair me with? (Answers can be LJ'ers, celebrities...whoever.)
b. Who would the slashers pair me with?
c. Who would be in my OT3 with me?
d. When did I / will I Jump the shark
e. (Bonus) Write a one sentence summary of the story that would win the Best Fanfic Award in my fandom.

Also. You, British people. What the heck is Doctor Who and why so much noise about it?
Plus. The Office. What's the deal with that? We watched one ep in classes today and okay, fun, cringe comedy, but fun... but why so many people love it?

QaF drabbles

Yes, again with the QaF.
It's a serie of six drabbles regarding one scene in s5. Yes, in s5. Based on spoilers and rumours, so if you don't wanna be spoiled *don't proceed* I mean it.

Also. I don't feel sure enough with writing QaF, so any comments/suggestions/critique is wanted and needed. Are they good enough to be posted in QaF community? Honestly?

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