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13 May 2005 @ 10:29 pm
Please, welcome your host for the evening: cala_jane. I am here to reveal one of noelia_g's secrets.

She's got flu. The kind of flu that makes you dizzy and wishing for death.
Apparently she decided to keep the flu for some time. My guess is that she wants to wait till the flu mutates, so she could sell it on a black market.

I have no idea when will she feel good enough to post.


I'm here to give you drabbles noelia_g wrote.

Those are unbeta-d because of Noelia's flu and my lack of skills in that area.

Smoke and mirrors - Wesley, Wes/FredCollapse )

Kaylee/JayneCollapse )

Wesley/FaithCollapse )

Sayid/SawyerCollapse )

At the end, I can promise you, that Noelia will answer your comments. Eventually.
Current Mood: sicksick