May 19th, 2005

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So. New Star Wars, huh?

Hadn't seen it.

*goes back to bed*

Why, oh WHY did GL had to schedule the premiere for the time when I'm sick?!
Yes, I'm sure it was intentional.
I'm important, after all.

In the Universe-hates-me-especially endearing kinda way.

*keeps away from the rest of the net to avoid spoilers*
*ponders unplugging the phone*
*ponders killing the idiot who called her and spoiled her before she came up with the idea of unplugging the phone*

I never could get a hang of Thursdays.

ETA: revenge
It comes from a Polish newspaper... But don't worry, even with the Polish translation you will get the joke.
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On the Star Wars topic... maybe I can't watch RotS, but sure as hell I can watch This (links on top of the page - SW e3 imladris, different sizes...).

It is in Polish, but it does have subtitles *g*.

And I remember when it was being made... Maybe we're not in it, but me, cala_jane and khali_khan were the much needed source of sarcasm and innuendo on the set. It came to the point that whenever anyone said something subtext-y they looked at us to see if we caught on, because if we did, then the whole group soon would.

Oh, and because Khal is still under 18 and the director would hear from her Mom. Or tell her Mom. I'm not sure about the details...

Anyways, it is a great movie. Really. It's worth watching to see what a bunch of SW fans can do, even without the props USA fans have - like costumes and stormtroopers' armors and stuff. And it's fun! So, okay, maybe some of the jokes are understandable only for the people who know something about Polish realias... (like the whole 'ambulance from Łodz' joke... let's just say that the ambulance from Łodz was a shady and messy business some time ago here. Really shady), but others are pretty much clear...

So go and watch, huh? It's cool.
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