May 20th, 2005

Veronica Mars

Yes, again. Y'all have to get used to it, cuz I'm well on that bandwagon and getting more comfortable.

*looks right*
*looks left*
*looks up*

Look! New mood theme! Veronica/Logan, which I've noticed was apparently christened LoVe which let me tell you beats 'spuffy' in weirdass namage. And yes, apparently I do ship het instead of much nicer and more fun Logan/Weevil. No, I have no idea how that happens, either the show writing for that relationship is better than I thought or my meds are stronger shit than usual.
Could be both, too.

Which brings me to the Question for which the post was actually written, don't let the moodtheme announcement distract you. I need fic. I mean Veronica/Logan (I won't call it LoVe... ugh) fic. And a good one, apage fluff and similar creatures. I have faith in my flist which caught up on Veronica sooner than I did (no wonder, me living in a country where they still show second season of Dawson's Creek... well, the last time I saw it on tv they did, apparently they stopped. Or something, wtf-ever). So I'm sure you know some good fics... please?

Oh, and 10 Days To Noelia's Birthday Unless Her Mom Decided To Celebrate It In June This Year.

After last year having it in April and having dad call in June, I wouldn't wonder.
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