May 26th, 2005

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Dinner with teh family over, thank goodness.

My brain always gets messed up during those things...

1. I should spend less money. Said my grandpa after giving me 600 zl birthday present *shrug*. He goes fun way about it.
2. I should eat more because grandma prepared the dinner especially for me. Also, I should loose a few pounds.
3. I should eat more cake. But I shouldn't eat sweets because, like, fattening.
4. I should concentrate on my studies and not on boys (nobody mentioned girls...). Also, isn't it time for me to get married?
5. I shouldn't spend so much time in front of a computer. I should go out and have some fun.
6. I shouldn't go out and have some fun because it's dangerous, because of drugs and alcohol.
7. I should drink champagne because it's my birthday and I'm like, not drinking!

Did I mention my family is kinda, sorta, nuts?
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This is pretty much a pointless post...

It's just... I was going through my photobucket album and started thinking....

This is one of the first icons I made...

This is one of the lasts.

I think I kinda improved *g*
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