May 29th, 2005

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Happy birthday to me.

Yeah, I know it's tomorrow but teh party is today and anyway, I refuse to have birthday on Monday.

Maaaan, I'm twenty. I feel so old now.

But hey, I feel that as long as you buy your cereal for the toy inside you're pretty much young at heart. (Lightsaber spoon! Weeeeee!)
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*points at the icon*

And you know why I use that icon? Because now I have 50 icon spaces to use and one *had to* be dedicated to Nora!


*does a happy dance*

Best. Birthday. Ever.
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So the party was kinda non-existent because khali_khan got sick and krakat had something important to take care of and other people couldn't make it and the world apparently decided to pretend that my 20th birthday didn't happen.

But cala_jane came over and we watched movies and eat chips and ice cream and drunk too much cola and my stomach is upset but I had fun, so yay-ho!

Also. I'm still choosing my 50 shiny icons (and everyone together: Nora! Nora! Nora rocks!) and I'm making bigger fuss about it than when I had only 15 or only 3... I need an icon for my every OTP and for every fav character and for every show and some mood icons and a dork! icon and an iPod icon and 'school sucks' icon and all... Also, I really need Sayid/Shannon from Exodus icon. Man. Icons sure are addictive.

Now I'm off. I need to finish preparing my presentation for Discussion class tomorrow. I'll be speaking about cenzorship and I need something more to say than what's the difference between PG-13 and R... Except the obvious.

Oh, and cala_jane, hon? After you left my mom asked if you lost weight or something. *L*