June 4th, 2005

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Slept two hours... That can't be healthy. Oh, well.

Also, I wake up and check my mail, and then check my flist and it's 'skip100' to read all of the entries. Insane *L*

I hate the time difference, I really do. Everyone is asleep when I'm awake. Bleh.

Yesterday I got money for the tutoring I do and I feel like going out and buying some new books... especially Star Wars novelisation, because This. I wonder if I can get it in English. I hate translations. They make me swear more than I usually do. If not, I'll buy something else... you can't read only fanfics, after all...

Speaking of which.

Veronica Mars recs.

Pain by sophia_bee. Delicious angst.
The Wallace Inquisition by jwynn Fun!
Standing on the F-Word by sexycereal The Threesome. Way, way, way brilliant.
The Snail and The Jackhammer by jwynn The e18 kiss revisited... in a great style.
Strenght in Numbers by jwynn Logan. Great character study.
In the tabloids by missambs Threesome again, post-finale. Amazing.
Strikeout by missambs On the edge of something that bridge. Love, love, love that ficlet.

And a bonus. Ya remember The Great Livejournal Blackout Of 2005? This is What Really Happened by violet_quill


ficlet, hee

Rating NC-17 or your equivalent
Pairing Fred/Lilah (wee, Noelia wrote femmeslash!), slight Wes/Lilah, Wes/Fred
Disclaimer Do not own. Blah.
s5, post mortem of sorts.

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I had this idea in my head and I needed to get it out.

Today in a nutshell

Gmail down. Fner. I'm not getting comments notifications. I'm panicking. Meep.

Have new shower gel. Mint and caffeine. Weird, but fun.

Bought The New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories. Wee. Never thought I'd find something like that in a Polish bookshop *g*

Got accepted to good_fanicons Weeeee! I repeat Weeeee!

I need Twelve Steps for Caffeine *nodnod*

Wrote femmeslash. Feeling weird.

Reading Clark/Lex stories. Feeling more weird, but in a kinda good way.

Weeeee Gonads and strife. *shrug*

I think I should go to sleep.

I think I can't go to sleep because I'm fucking hyper.

Oh, well.
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