June 5th, 2005

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Woke up. 's early...

coffee good...

got accepted to magnifiqueicons yay.

cala_jane? When am I supposed to be at your house?

Also. Pimping. fred_challenge Icon contest for every things Fred and Amy. Come on, you know you want to. Pretties!

Pimping no2. kayleestill. Ditt, but for Jewel Staite and Kaylee. Because we love her, don't we?

*goes back to bed because it's Sunda, goddammit!*
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Noelia tried to relax. Bed, coffee, newspaper...

...and then it all went to hell because of what she had read.

There was a GLBT Pride March planned on June 11th in Warsaw (Polish capital). The Mayor had just forbid it. Why? Because the organisators hadn't supplied some kind of official plan on organising the traffic on the day of parade.
Reasonable? Not so much.
In the last few years, even though various parades and demonstrations are organised practically every day in Warsaw, only two times such plan was requested.
Also. The Mayor announced two weeks ago that he was going to forbid the Pride, no matter what the organisators write in the request.

Last year when the Pride was organised in my city, some people threw rocks at the marching.

Can someone from a normal country adopt me? I'm nice, clean and housebroken. I just don't think I want to live here...
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Why Noelia's Studies are Fun, reason 74.

Last British Studies lesson. The professor divided us into ten groups, each one was supposed to choose one famous British Person (Darek:'Can we choose Irish?' Prof:'Provided it's Northern Irish, yes'. Darek:'We're choosing William Wallace then' Me: WTF?).

Finally, this was the list: Elizabeth II, Lady Di, Margaret Thatcher, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, John Locke, Elton John, John Lennon, Ali G and Jack the Ripper.

Then we learned that all ten people are in a baloon. And the baloon is falling down and we need to get rid of the balast. So, we're throwing people out. *Shrug* We had to decide who is the most important and *has* to stay.

Arguments varied.
"Thatcher needs to go. She's the Iron Lady, she's too heavy."
"You can't throw out Ali G, that would be racism" "Yes, but then you can't throw Sir Elton, that would be discrimination of sexual minorities!"
"Let's throw out the Queen, God will Save her."
"Do swans fly? If so, we can throw out Shakespeare."

After one hour in the baloon we still had:
Elizabeth II
Margaret Thatcher
John Lennon
Elton John

Darek: "Look! It's perfect! Two women, two men and a gay person!"


Who stayed, then? Good ol' William Shakespeare.

The kicker? Our year is divided into two groups. The other group had those classes before us. We asked who stayed in their case.

Prince William.

Still, it was better than what we did on writing last week.

We played musical chairs.