August 11th, 2005

If I was in a movie...

Noelia_g in The Last of the Machine Guns
In this cinematic masterpiece, noelia_g (Eliza Dushku) is an ex-marine with a dislike for corn chips. She needs to interrogate silent_chris (Vin Diesel) before her former partner, cala_jane (Angelina Jolie), outwits him. Using bullets to punctuate sentences, she sneaks into a subterranean castle. Unfortunately, a cavalcade of elite male strippers stands in her way.
Produced by ianiceboy


Eliza Dushku and Angelina Jolie partners? Plus Vin Diesel? Subterrean castle? Ex-marine?
Elite Male Strippers?
And look, Cala, you're played by Angie!
Those seriously amuse me.

*goes back to her icons*