August 22nd, 2005

(no subject)

Dear flist,
(well, those in ats/btvs fandom anyway)
(okay, those who ship giles/wesley)
What song do you associate with Giles/Wes ship?

I need some good lyrics for a thingy I'm playing with in photoshop right now...
Of course I'll show it off when I'm done :]

So? Song, lyrics, quotes? Watcherlove-theme :)

*hugs in advance*

(no subject)

I've made some headers and wallpapers.
*Jessica Alba/Ioan Gruffud
*Keira Knightley
*Natalie Portman

You can find them Here

Hope you will enjoy them *g*

Also... GIP! Obi-Wan + Glasses! My new OTP!