August 25th, 2005

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Still crappy, but this time on the more physical level.
Period is not fun!
(I need a button that says that... Well, I have one Period-time button already, it's a Stitch (as in Lilo&Stitch or whatever it was called) with this orange rubby thingy on a stick that you use to unplugg the toilet when some cat litter got in there and the water doesn't flow? (yeah, I don't know how it's called in English.... I don't even know how it's called in Polish, so whatever) on his head and words 'it's one of this days))

Two three things.
1. Mom bought milk so I can make me a coffee.
2. I have my trusted painkillers.
3. I have now Gmail Talk which is teh shit because no one has it yet and I don't have to hide or block people I dislike. ;). It's also boring because no one has it yet.
So, if you do - I'm noelia.g there.

That would be all.
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Linky linky link.

I'm bored out of my mind, and going through my bookmarks and memories (Yes! I've discovered now that I don't need to bookmark lj posts! I can memorize them! Well, I knew it before, but kept on bookmarking anyways... Oh, well.)

So. Linkage, for your enjoyment and amusement.

Science Fiction and Religion which made me chuckle. Daniel Jackson is teh new Jesus *nod*

Harry Potter vs. Star Wars Showdown!

On the Star Wars topic. RotS Breadbox Edition I love those.

And is there anyone on my flist who doesn't know iharthdarth? Where have you been living, under a rock?

Duel of the Fates

dvswraatins's recaps of sg-1 are priceless.

wisdomeagle wrote Library Science for my request at the nevermet ficathon. I'm in love with this fic, seriously. I've red it five times by now and it's brilliant, beautiful, messed up in the fantastic way and it's Fred/Giles which is my new crack. Go. Read it. It's brilliant.

Science Fiction Double Feature by doyle_sb4 Faith/Wesley/Illyria. Kind of older fic but still utterly fantastic.

Again with the nevermet which is a crack. Dead Kings by sage_theory is Giles/Illyria, very powerful, very smart, dark and beautifully written. I enjoyed it imensely.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, my fic for nevermet was Click, Fred/Dawn. Had fun writing it. Special thanks to bethynyc for giving me idea of sexual positions :] I mean, the gummy bears.

Joys of RPG I wanna cast a magic missile!

Vampire Game. My crack. It really, really sucks you in.

Colour Perception. I was totally stunned.

That would be all...

Well, no. I'm desperately looking for good Daniel/Vala fic. I want Daniel/Vala fic! Anyone knows any?

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I've watched Farscape.
Yeah, finally.

Actually, I've watched first volume of s1, which means random six eps of s1 and I really do mean random because it's a boxset I bought in France and the French messed the episodes totally.
Which means that after the pilot, which is indeed labeled episode 1, there's 5 totally random eps.

Which leads to one confused Noelia.

But I like it. I'm kind of in love with Crichton already. I just wish I would get wtf it's all really about.

Oh, well. Must get all eps and some directory...