August 27th, 2005

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Dear Flist,
Tell me.
In your city. If a new archbishop is appointed, do they do a ceremony?
I suppose so, yes.
Do they close the entire city center and all the shops in the area so a thousand people can stand there for hours and watch that ceremony?
Causing a major traffic, too?
And transmit it *live* on the tv?

Couldn't buy new SFX, too. Bleh.

Yours, Grumpy,
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Maaaaaaan! cala_jane just told me that Polsat (it's one of Polish TV stations) will be showing Desperate Housewives this fall.

I take back *everything* I ever said about our tv sucking.
(well, not the parts about translations. And dubbing. And stopping series in the middle of a season. And... well, okay...)

Also. Over at daniel_vala piratelair mentioned muse_secrets.
It's comm based on PostSecret idea but about fictional characters. It kinda rocks.
I made one for Stargate:

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