August 28th, 2005

Operation: get Farscape.

I tried legal ways.
Amazon: Still doesn't want to accept my credit card.
Ebay: ditto.
Polish Ebay: No Farscape there.
Polish equivalent of Ebay, allegro. Ditto.
Polish shops: no Farscape at all. None, zip, nada.
British, American, French, German and whatnot online shops: don't like my credit card.
I tried illegal.
Limewire: no use. only Peacekeeper Wars and I want first season, damnit.
Kazaa: ditto. I've found few first season eps, but in German again.
Torrent: Don't even start. Somehow torrents download with 1kb/s speed at my puter. Downloading 88 eps this way would be... argh.


Short of hopping on a plane and going to Britain to buy it there I'm lost.

On the plus side, I have chocolate. *eyeroll*
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If you want me to make you an icon, comment here. I'll go through your interests and make something for you based on them :]
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