August 31st, 2005

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Woah. I've just woke up.
Which could be nothing strange for some of you in other timezones, but it's 5pm here.

38.3 Celcius, which is... something in Farenheit, can't do math right now.

I think I'm oficially sick.

Considering that I have an exam on Saturday... woo and hoo.
But I feel slightly better now. I mean, I can even sit up and type.
Maybe it will be alright by then...
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Stargate SG-1 Balloon Poll Round #1

"Well, this is boring," Vala muttered, looking down at the ground. "Whose brilliant idea was this anyway?"
"Mine, as a matter of fact," Jack glared at her, then had to divide the glare between her and Daniel after softly spoken "Beats the fishing anytime."
"I thought you enjoyed fishing, Danny."
"Well, yes, but..."
"We appear to be falling down," Teal'c's low voice stopped everyone short.
"Uhm, I think he's right, Sir," Sam volunteered. "We should throw out the balast."
The food rations, Teal'c's staff weapon and zats went down quickly, and Daniel gave up his books after surprisingly short discussion.
"We are still falling, boys and girls."
"We could throw someone out," Vala suggested matter-of-factly. At the looks she shrugged. "What?"
"As much as it pains me to admit," Daniel started. "She's right."
General Hammond wa weighting the options for a minute. "Let's do it, people."

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