September 6th, 2005

(no subject)

Kaaaay. I *know* I owe people banners, ficlets and tags and whatsnot, but I promise I'll do them this week.
I just have the_fund's requests to work on now, and since these people are paying money for this, they are first. Sorry *sheepish*

I have three vids, a soundtrack and a load of icons to make. But ya know? It's fun, actually *g*
But Lindsey should smile more. In a no-evil, no-smirking way. It's hard to make a romantic vid of him *sigh*

Also. If you know of a good Giles/Xander song, let me know. I don't want to hear later that I missed something obvious :]

Also 2, for nastey. Special announcement form your tv guide: Desperate Housewives, Thursday, 20.15, TV Polsat.


Does anyone has Tony's 'Talk to you'?
I had it, I know I had it, because I placed it on Bethany's soundtrack some time ago... but I don't seem to have it anywhere now.
And I really need it.

I'm counting on you, guys :)