September 18th, 2005

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Why no one told me how awesome it is? Well, kay, except starbuck92 and colourful_muse and cory_catfish, you did, but no one told me it's *that* awesome.

*shakes head*

And maaaaan, Lee is love. Seriously. I know that in my world all it takes is to be cute and a pilot, or have glasses, or an accent, but... Lee! Love! Lots! He had me at 'the Lady's in charge' and the expression he made then.

Lee! (also. His name is good to squee. Almost like 'Teal'c!')

Sooo! Noelia has the whole first season to watch now, courtesy of JaXa (go JaXa, go JaXa, go, go, go JaXa!) and will start dloading second when she's done. Or now, so she can watch the second right after she's done with the first.

It rulz!