September 21st, 2005

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Interest meme, because I need to kill time while I'm waiting for the call from Uni and my hands are shaking too much to do vids or graphics...

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And gakked from scatterheart
Go see my icons, then answer the following three questions:
- which one of my icons do you like best and why?
- which one of my icons do you like least and why?
- which one of my icons puzzles you the most and why?

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*glares at the phone*
Call, damnit!

Is it possible to cause a phoe to spontanously combust just by looking at it?
I'd like to test that theory.

So, if you hear about flambe-phone on the news, it would be mine.


Sekkrit message to Cala: If you hadn't started on grapichs for W/N OST, I'd like to suggest cast change :]. Yeah. I'm gone. Over. Done with.
Jamie Bamber (Lee in BSG). *looks cute*
What? I'm in love.
And he's in pilot gear anyways.
If you can't find pics, let me know. I'm piling them up. I shall build a fort with them.

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You mean Jamie Bamber was in Horatio Hornblower?
So was Denis Lawson?

You mean that my new fav pilot and my all time fav pilot were both in that movie? (although not in the same one, checked with imdb. Denis was in 'the Examination for lieutenant' and Jamie possibly in all others :)).

Awesome. doesn't begin to describe that.

Yeah, I'll stop spamming now.

But you know, Awesome!