September 22nd, 2005

(no subject)

*My flist going gaga over new Lost. I love you guys, but it's driving me NUTZO because torrents don't work for me and I have to wait till someone uploads it to yousendit and ARGH.
*My flist not mentioning Veronica. Apart from, one person, no one says anything. Was it bad?
*NCIS s3 premiere downloading as quickly as snails fuck. Only slower.
*Not knowing if I'm in. I need to go there today and ask. Because ARGH.
*Lindsey. No, I like him, usually, but after doing Lindsey/Tara vid and working on Lindsey vid, both for the_fund I just can't look at him. I'll get over it. Eventually.

*Going to Sting concert this Saturday. Because STING.
*Battlestar Galactica. I know you wouldn't notice after my last few posts.
*Jamie Bamber. Because Heeeello, sexy.
*Mini-donuts. Three of them are like, the regular one. I don't feel that guilt eating them, because, like, small.
*My period is over and it was surprisingly not painful at all. Even without pills. Which is blissfully wonderful, so yaaaaay.
*Supernatural! Casting spoiler! Heeeeee!