September 25th, 2005

Sting's concert

So, Noelia and Cala went to Sting's concert.

Fun, fun, fun!

Waiting for *hours* before concert to have good places was kinda fun, especially since there was pizza on place and cool people.

First support was rubbish (it's a guy that was in the Idol in Poland, like American Idol but not American, becuase duh! ;)). No one knew his songs and we were just standing there making snide comments. Oh, well. FUN.

Second support was cool. We like Kayah. She's cool.

Then there was Sting. Awesome :).

Also, Noelia got the motherf* of all migraines somewhere in the middle of the second support and it escalated from there, with all the sounds banging. Also, she has very low blood pressure lately and the nice doctor told her to be careful, but did she listen?

Which means Noelia went weak in knees around Fields of Gold and not only because she loves the song.

She landed on the ground, not very gracefully, very much like the ATAT *points at icon*, and was taken to the ambulance by nice paramedics.

She got meds and they gave her tea and the nice paramedic went to assure Cala everything was okay, because Cala was freaking out.

So, Noelia spend the last part of the concert, including 'Every Breathe You Take', in the ambulance.

How very appropriate.

How very me.

But still, it was FUN.

Also, am I the only one who actually learns their PESEL number? (It's something like ID number *and* Social Security number...). Because the medics went speechless when I could give it without stopping to shake. Weird.

Will be back later. Now need sleep. *yawn*

Oh! colourful_muse? I saw the pics for the challenge. Do you want to try making icons yourself and then shall we talk about them, or some other way? I'll be on msn in the evening.
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