September 28th, 2005

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About Firefly and general spoilers.


Please. I won't be able to watch Serenity until it premieres in Poland which will be on NOVEMBER 11th which is so blah I can't find words to do it justice. I mean, over a MONTH?


I know you will be squeeeing all over, just please, do it under cuts?

Thank you.

It also applies to tv shows. I'm in Poland. I can only download them, which I do, but it means I watch everything a day or two later. So, be nice. LJ-cut everything. And I shall love you.

Also. 12 characters meme: pr0n version. Ganked from wisdomeagle

1. Winifred Burkle
2. Lee Adama
3. Rupert Giles
4. Wedge Antilles
5. Daniel Jackson
6. Wesley Pryce
7. Elisabeth Weir
8. John Sheppard
9. Vala Maldoran
10. Logan Cale
11. Inara Serra
12. Cameron Mitchell

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