November 26th, 2005

(no subject)

I vowed that I won't be distracted by flist/fics/shiny things today and I'll finally tidy up my harddrive which is clustered, clustered, I tell ya.

But I found pretty pictures and started making icons... So. You, people. Want icons?

Comment and I'll make icon for you, based on your interests or things I know about you.
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(no subject)

Argh. Remind me not to open too many files in my Photoshop. It broke down. And it kinda broke down the puter and it broke down my firefox. Everything is back, but my firefox had to be reinstalled.

And my history? my passwords? my bookmarks? GONE.

I feel as if someone cut off my hand. I don't remember addresses to *anything*.
Well, except LJ, but that one was easy.

Oh, well. Will teach me.

Reminding of the icon requests thingy. Comment there and I'll make you an icon based on your interests and/or on what I know about you.