November 29th, 2005

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*pops in for a moment*
The Christmas cards started coming!
So, thank you, thank you, thank you to:
phendog The card is awfully cute, hee :). And *so* right for an person so addicted to coffe as I am... :) *hugs*
catvampcrazines, I adored the card, it's the sweetest thing i've seen lately. So lovely *hugs*
jillrenay. Woah, hon. It's amazing. I was squeeing when I opened it, to puzzlement of my neighbours who were standing next to my postbox... I loved, loved, loved the manip. *sighs happily* *hugs*

I've also send the first cards today and will be sending the rest before Saturday, so expect your cards around a week from now :)

I'll also post the icons tomorrow. I wanted to finish today but I was told that I have to prepare a presentation on UK General Elections for *tomorrow* so I'm kinda running...

Oh! And I'm starting actual classes next week. Classes as in not me studying, me teaching. *bounces*
I'll just watch the first few, but then I will be teaching. I'm not sure if I'm more terrified or excited.

Oh, and I will post some HP:GoF thoughts later, when I actually have, like, TIME.

(Dear Santa, remember, TIME for Christmas. Love, Noelia)