December 29th, 2005

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Dear Polish Politics,

I'm not sure if you are aware, but the Polish constitution clearly states that the country and the church are separate institutions. Which means, if you come up with a law and are trying to get it sanctioned don't frakking tell us that it should be a law because it's in agreement with catholic pov. If someone is catholic, they don't need that law to tell them what to do (or not to do). If someone isn't, then you have no frakking right to tell them what to do just because it agrees with your religion.
And stop using the church as a method of winning the election.

Thank you.

If you make abortion illegal you won't frakking stop it. It will just mean it would be performed illegaly, probably in totally messed up conditions.
The whole thing with money for new mothers? Yes, wonderful. Encourage people to have children... but maybe instead of a small sum of money when the child is born try to come up with a long-time plan of ensouring the financial security of single moms?
If you make the pill (THE PILL, are you NUTZO?) illegal, it will still be used. Is coccaine legal? No. Do people take it? YES.
I won't even mention the 'stop sexual deviations' posters on the streets, really.

And you wonder why so many young Poles want to frakking leave the country.

On a more pleasant note. I adore my Lilah icon. Goes so well with my mood when I'm frakking PiSsed off. (and making bad puns... forgive me :D)
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