January 18th, 2006


I'm still alive. And still buried under stuff. I hate the last weeks of semester with vengeance.
School sucks.
I'll be back to actually doing stuff (artbattles, I know, sorry, Jill and Cala. I just suck.) and commenting on your entries and actually posting and so on... after next week. Well, around the beginning of February, I suppose, because then I have my exams and then I have three weeks break, weeeeeeeee.
And Mom is going to France at that time so I have break and house to myself.
Anyone visits Poland at the time? I'm totally inviting you over :]

Oh. Wanted to ask, because you guys proabbly know better than I do.
*Last names of Kennedy, Vi and Rona. Were they ever mentioned?
*How does canon stand on what Xander does post-Chosen? I have sth about Africa stuck in my mind, but that could be fics.
*What do we know about Giles' place in England? He has a house, or sth? Where did he live during s6?
*Dates check: s7 ended in 2003, right? And Buffy, Willow and Xander where around 22 by the time? And Dawn was what, 16?
*Did Robson (if I got the name right... *sigh*) survive the Bringers? He's still alive when the Bringer takes the swing at Giles, right?
*How old is Faith? I think there are no canon mentions, but what are your guesses?
*And a non-buffy related: what are the biggest New York daily papers? NY Times, obviously... what else?
And no, I'm not writing a fic. And it's not Giles/Xander for the ficathon. And it did not just go plotty on me.
All I wanted to write was a linguistic angst (no, seriously, I had all the fun linguistic trivia and stuff prepared...). And it went rom-com.
*heavy sigh*

Also, totally unrelated. Does anyone know the address of a webpage where all recent articles from almost all English magazines were listed? I can't even remember the name of the page... and google is being unhelpful.

Also again. BSG. HEEEEEE. Lost. I love Eko. Supernatural. Freakin' awesome show. Gilmore Girls. I wasn't so much in love with a character since Giles, seriously, major Luke!love.

Also numero something-something. I had enough of winter. Please stop now.

See ya guys *hugs*
*goes back to writing French essay, preparing Philosophy presentation and studying to Skills exam*

ETA OMG go and read this. I've just noticed it was posted for me over at serenity_santa. Delayed, but OMG was it worth waiting.