February 4th, 2006

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I just came back from the dinner at Grandparents'.
Dinner that was nice and polite and friendly and all together civilised.
And yes, Granpda is in Belgium, why do you ask?
Also, I suspect that Uncle W. is on some serious crack. Or marijuana, at least. Seriously. He was *this* close to just looking at his fingers and seeing pretty colours there. Yay him, I suppose.

Watched Gilmore Girls in Polish TV (516, if you're asking, which means we're only one season behind, which means woaaaah). And goddess, was the translation awful. I understand GG is a tough show to translate, with all the references and puns and stuff, but come. on.
The only actually funny thing about the translation was that they translated about one third of what was actually said. I mean, Polish translation is read by the lector, not subtitled or dubbed. And you can hear the original dialogue underneath what the lector says. Which, if you know English, makes you confused as to which dialogue you're supposed to listen to. And if you watch Gilmore Girls you hear Lorelai saying five sentences and the lector translates only one of them. And he still has troubles to keep up. I blame the fact that Polish words are generally longer than English and that in many cases it takes two or three words to say what English says in one syllable (take the 'nod' for example. In Polish it's 'pokiwac glowa'. Count the syllables.) And the lector is totally not up to the speed of Lauren or Alexis. Totally.
The conclusion is: I laughed more than I cursed at the translation, and that is a GOOD thing.

I'm still groggy after the party (we did manage to watch the whole six movies. yay us. and we played the Star Wars Monopoly and Cala ruled, so she was announced the Emperor of the Universe. And then I've won, but since the Emperor seat was taken, I was promoted to Grand Admiral rank. But of course I pulled Wedge and declined, because that's a cool thing to do. So there, we're insane, that's finally proved. Whatever).

Mom cut short her trip and will be home around Monday morning. Blast. I wanted to have another party. Bummer.

I need to go and write the drabbles now. And finish my Giles/Xander ficathon fic which got out of control. I blame Faith and Dawn. They won't shut up.