June 11th, 2006

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Firstly, Porn Battle at oxoniensis's journal. So many talented writers and artists on my flist, go and play there :]

Also. Tristan and Isolde. ARGH.
Angles, Saxons, Picts *and* Celts = British tribes. VS Evil!Irishmen.
And I really couldn't give less shit about Tristan/Isolde thing. Whatever.
Thank goddess that Mark was pretty, so it wasn't entirely a waste of time.
Though I don't think cala_jane will again go to a pseudo-historical movie with me... Especially one that deals with British legends and history.

Oh, and one more thing. get_creative. It's like flashfic comm, but for graphics. Way cool. Go join.


This isn't a regular occurence, and probably won't be, but as I'm insanely proud of my last batch of icons (look! actual brushes! and text!) I'm reposting them here (though I'm still pimping _thepleiades, graphics comm that I share with six other talented artists).


21 Amy Acker on Alias
33 Buffy/Giles

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