July 3rd, 2006

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Me: *wakes up, tumbles out of bed, trips over my covers, slides through the corridor hits my hip on the bike that's still standing there, because, frankly, we have no other place to fit it in, grabs the phone* "Hello?"
Grandma: "You're not sleeping, are you?"
Me: "Not really."

5 minutes later.
Me: "Hello?"
Mom: "Oh, hey. You're home?"
Me: *checks that she indeed is calling the house phone, not my cellphone* "No?"
Mom: "Oh." *pause where she considers that she indeed is calling the house phone, not my cellphone* "Wait, you are home!"
Me: "So it would appear."
Mom: "I didn't want to wake you up, but I called Gran and she said she already did, so..."
Me: "Yay?" *holds back a yawn and think that now I won't be able to get back to sleep* "You wanted something?"
Mom: "Not really."

3 minutes later.
Me: *turns down the shower, waits 4 rings to see if someone will give up. they don't. gets out of the shower, grabs the towel, drips water all over the floor in an attempt to get the phone, because this just might be actually important and I am waiting for the bookshop people to call about the job after all* "Hello?"
Mom: "I remembered why I called."
Me: *drips water all over the floor* "And?"
Mom: "You going out somewhere today? 'Cause you could buy shampoo."
Me: "Aren't you, like, out already?"
Mom: "Yes, but I really can't be bothered."