July 4th, 2006

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Noelia is bored and metafandom is still going through the slash/het/femslash/whatever debacle.

Figured this would be a good moment to state that Noelia reads slash because it's OMGHOT. And she writes slash because a) OMGHOT, as stated, b)Noelia's a feedback whore and slash gets more feedback nowadays, c) Giles is too hot to be allowed to only shag women, in the spirit of fairness he should shag everyone, please.

Noelia also reads femslash because it's HOT but not so OMG as the m/m slash, unless written by certain authors... and/or about certain characters. Noelia doesn't write femslash often, because if she screws up M/M sex description it's okay, but if she does that to femslash, it's pathetic. And b), femslash doesn't have Giles. Usually.

Noelia also reads het, because OMGHOT (Noelia isn't a complicated creature, as you can see), and because it often has Giles. Noelia's currently writing a het fic that she may even finish some day, and it does have Giles. And Faith. And is hopefully hot.

Noelia would read gen, but there's not so much gen around, for some reason. But when there is and it's good, Noelia likes gen.

Noelia also has a recent habit of talking about herself in 3rd person, but she'll get over it. Probably.

ALSO, in the fun news. Noelia's going to England, YAY. 23-30 July. *dances*

Also no 2. Dart Vader, the musical. AWESOME