July 12th, 2006

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Instead of the usual "I'm bored and WHY IS THE RUM GONE?" post, you get the "I'm frakking bored and I HAVE THE INTERNETS WEEE" post. Be afraid.

five_byfive Innovative BtVS/AtS icon challenge comm. Coolness.
get_creative It's like flashfic, but with graphics.
r_morrow_daily Rob Morrow. Polish TV is nice to us this summer, and we get Numb3rs and repeats of Northern Exposure. I might be becoming slightly obsessed.

Isolated Elements. Erm. Giles/Grissom fic. Let's leave it at that. (OMGAWESOME hee).

What's Special About This Number? This makes me sad that I'm not a math geek. Seriously.

X-Men: The Last Standing Ovation trailer Crack at it's best.

The Empire Brokeback Because there's never enough of that, right?

Darth Vader, the musical. Think I've linked to it before, but if you hadn't watched it, DO I NOW.

request an icon, save Noelia from boredom

Are you bored of the 'Noelia is bored' posts yet?

Well, tough, 'cause I kinda have a lot more... I entered pretty much all icon challenges I am into, even. Sleepy now, so at least I'll kill some time with that, but in the spirit of ensuring I have something to do for tomorrow...

Icon requests call.

I'll try my best to make anything you'd like, but remember - if you're choosing something I like as well, you'll probably be getting more and better. Just saying :)
If screencaps and pics of your choice may be hard to get, I'd appreciate links.

I'm making this one public, so if you want to send someone outside of my flist this way, it's okay too. I'll take it as a compliment.