October 20th, 2006

MacBook weeee

Yup. Noelia has a new baby. It's so pretty and cute and all white-blueish and Noelia was raised on Windows and she can't do shit on Macs, but hey. Tic-Tac-Toe game is awesome. And Photobooth. And I have no idea how the rest of it works, hee.

I'm going to call it McKay. Because.

Any advice? Programs I *should* have and where to find them? I figured out how to play avi files and am sooo proud of myself, but could use any help, really.

In other news, school continues to be time-consuming. Seriously, between studies, homework, driving lessons, tutoring and language course I signed up for (English. For Proficiency level. Yes. I still study English Philology. Shut up, I like English classes and don't care if people think I'm insane). That's mostly why I'm beeing absent-y from lj.

stuff to do (because seriously, I'll forget)
1. Write tie-ins for stories we discussed on Practical English, send them to Ramon.
2. Write the article on plagiarism for Academic Writing.
3. Start doing exercises from the phonetics book, 'cuz otherwise I'd be again stuck with it at the end of the semester.
4. Find a school for Teacher's Practice.
5. Group Exercise for TEFL: YL.
6. Phonetics presentation for Wednesday: plan, research, prepare, vocabulary, summary.
7. Read Henry Howard's poems for Literature. Xerocopy the materials for the rest of the group (why do I always get stuck with those? Ah, right. The professor likes me and I'm apparently trustworthy. Yay.)
8. Figure out how the hell the text editor on Mac works.
9. Figure out when I can fit in some sleep time.

Sounds like a plan.